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Greetings, Corn Palace pilgrims.

Long ago and far away, I began writing a number of songs about South Dakota. Perhaps these songs hold an unwarranted position of reverence in the grand, legendary mythology that is Jonah Knight: singer-songfighter. In truth, some of these may not be... Well, they may not be officially recorded and released ever for good reason.

But! You are here because you are curious. Probably too curious for your own good! You can listen to the songs here, or click the title and download. I've also written a note or two on each song. This page will be taken down early next year, so if you want them, take them.

The South Dakota Album Demos

The Desert - I had a recent break though recording this version when I thought that I should try my version of a yodel in the chorus.

Hold On To No One - Almost a drone, HOTNO attempts to the numbing sensation as you drive the 8 hours across SOuth Dakota on I-90. 

Into The Sky - My move to and from Colorado is in here. So is The Hobbit. 

Milwaukee - A simple break-up song. There's something about this song that doesn't quite land for me. I keep coming back to it thinking that I can find the key to solidifying it. But because I'm not really interested in break-up songs these days, I haven't put in the rewrite.

Mr. Deja Vu - Right after college I had a summer job in Custer State Park. It was not a good fit. 

The Owls Are Not What They Seem - My Twin Peaks song! This is essentially the 1997 version but, I've done serious rewriting on this lately. The current version is titled 25 YEARS and will appear on my upcoming album SPOOKY SHIT.

Sun God - Written my first year in college, it was the first song I wrote that anyone requested. The original lyrics were vague and not about much. The current draft is more apocalyptic.

* BONUS* The Early South Dakota Demos

Nobody asked for this, I didn't tell you that you would get it. These are the way early demos, some from the mid 90's. A few are interesting, but most are not that great. I'm giving them to you because the idea of me recording a South Dakota concept album amuses you. And it might be interesting to see how some of these have evolved.